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Cuba Collection by SONIQUE

2018 Cuba Collection by Sonique Cheong.


Wild West Collection by SONIQUE

2018 Wild West Collection by Sonique Cheong.




Those who embrace change are those who happily accept challenge.

Make your choice.

Be the change - A hammer of hope through the mundane.



Sofala, told in three interdependent acts, is a visually gorgeous, yet unsettling story of 

idealism and retribution set against the harsh realities of 1860’s Australia.



A vigilante thriller driven by The Artist's thirst for seemingly indiscriminate revenge 

and a desire to heal the wounds both within himself and within society.



A short documentary that enables local graffiti artists, Uset, Igasm and Mistery to express their thoughts and feelings of where the art form has been, is and where it's going. Told through a visual montage and subtle VO as Uset, Igasm and Mistery work on a huge 30ft piece designed by Uset himself. 'For What it's Worth' shows graffiti in a different light and enables the viewer to see a different angle of the culture behind the art.


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